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Fall Tokens


Painting in a distinctive ‘folksy’ style, Sparkle Badger celebrates animals and nature in her original acrylic artworks.

Sparkle Badger’s love of the natural world is clear in the individual treatment of her subjects. Placing a single animal firmly at the forefront of each piece, each creature is imbued with its own character, be it a lounging cat or bright-eyed llama. There is an element of humor in many of these portraits: the animals often look directly at the viewer with a lively gleam in their eyes.

The subjects are inspired by existing animals from farms and sanctuaries in the artist’s local area of Hampton Roads. Sparkle Badger paints in a realistic style, using short strokes to capture the soft texture of fur, velvety noses and delicate whiskers of each subject.

Each animal is surrounded by imagery from nature: stacked pumpkins, swooping moths, bright leaves and exuberant flowers. Treated as abstracted motifs, these elements are repeated across a flattened background, creating an effect similar to that of printed decorative textiles. This charming ‘folksy’ style is enhanced by the use of bold, block colors.

These paintings are a joyful celebration of the colors, forms and textures found in nature.

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